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Though recently established, Narcissus Health & Wellness Ltd. is not new to this kind of business as in its inner core, the Board of Directors heading it, bring with them a wealth of experience, knowledge and sound managerial values.

The Company is headed by Mr. Ben Nasan who in his own respect has gathered through the years a strong reputation of commitment and loyal service to those clients who had availed themselves from his company’s services, a trait that nowadays is hard to find.

Mr. Nasan can boast of patrons who from time to time continue making use of his company’s services and products . He has managed to partner with a strong Group of companies which together make up years of expertise in a wide variety of fields such as opening of clinics, hospitals, participating in commissioning teams, assisting in acquiring finances for large and medium companies, sales and marketing, administering elderly homes and a large variety of projects that are impossible to mention here.

The skills that they have nurtured together throughout their careers make Narcissus Health & Wellness Ltd. a dynamic company, supported by a team with a clear vision and commitment to deliver to their clients nothing less than the best.

mission statement

We are committed to provide an astounding service to all our clients who choose to avail themselves from the services offered by Narcissus Health & Wellness Ltd., irrespective of their creed, social status and ethnicity.

We strive to excel in what we do, and what we do we do it with integrity. Client focus and client satisfaction are
the two pillars that this company is founded upon.

We commit ourselves to offer a holistic approach to our client’s requirements, only such an approach allows us to produce an end product of exceptional quality and value.

Who We Are
Khaled Ben Nasan

Khaled Ben Nasan


Mr. Ben Nasan delved into offering health services abroad for his clients and also started procuring medical equipment for the private and the government sector. It was some years after when he decided to do a bold move and transfer himself with his family to Malta.

He has been living in Malta now for more than 27 years and has continued following his dream. Between 2011 and 2016 he was the person who managed through his companies to help more than 200,000 war injured civilians to be treated in hospitals abroad.

Against all odds he has managed to open his own company in Malta and his dream to proceed with having a Health services company once again became a reality when in late 2018 he changed one of his business companies to a Health & Wellness Company solely for the purpose of focusing back on what he knows and does best.

Phone number : 00356 9913 9970
Email address : narcissushw@gmail.com


Narjes K Ben Nasan

Narjes K Ben Nasan


Narjes Ben Nasan is the daughter of Mr. Ben Nasan has been recently introduced to her father’s business mainly due to her passion, innate business traits and now her further education in cosmetics and beauty products. She has been nominated as Manager of this new section.

Together with her father’s appointed consultants in the field she will be heading this section in the company. In her own words she will be striving in becoming a strong competitor in the market of cosmetology.

Her ambitious character and resolute entrepreneurship together with her passion for such a field will surely bring to the company a fresh input of dynamism and youthful creativity.

Phone number : 00356 9979 9227
Email address : Narjesbennasan3@gmail.com

Ahmed El Deeb

Ahmed El Deeb


Mr. El Deeb heads the logistics department, freshly graduated from the University of Libya and having studied abroad and conducted a pilot course, he has been assigned this administrative post since he has also previous experience in this sector.

Together with his studies closely related to the air industry he is the right person to be given the responsibility to lead this unit which in the very near future will be essential to the company especially once the covid issue has been hopefully resolved.

The fact that he also has experience in imports and exports in the middle east gives the company a more competitive edge over other European companies who would consider to work and trade with that region.

Phone number : 00356 9976 4227
Email address : Ahmedfs19995@gmail.com

Kamel Bouledjouidja

Kamel Bouledjouidja


Marketing and Communication Specialist at MV CREAK Lausanne 2017-2021 • Client interview and follow-up of the marketing strategy • Implementation of the communication strategy. • Supervision of the web development team and presence on social networks. Marketing and communication teacher at g5formation 1 Annemasse 2008-2017 • Follow-up of several groups for the marketing and communication program • Individual follow-up for marketing courses Commercial agent at the administration of the port of Skikda) Algaria 2002-2007 • Canvassing customers for the sale of fishing products. • Sales and customer follow-up. Other experiences Various jobs during the studies 1997-2001

Master in marketing and communication 2000-2002 Faculty of Economic Sciences University of Algiers Semester Project : Master the basics of communication strategies Bachelor’s degree in economics and management 1996-2000 University of Skikda Algeria Graduation thesis: human resources management strategy in large companies Languages

Phone number : 021 683 09 17
Email address : k.bouldjouidja@gmail.com



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