Ownership of Hospitals


What we Do

Since Mr. Ben Nasan had involved himself in the Health sector, he has always been of the opinion of owning a facility or facilities himself . Having seen with his own eyes the services some facilities offer and having been there all the way with the patients, has ignited in him the need to have a facility that really embodies what he has learnt from his clients and their needs during the time which mostly exposes the vulnerability of the human being.

He has seen years of pain and grief first by less of accessibility of good health services and worse than that the lack of services offered by some facilities who literally see patients simply as an opportunity to make a quick buck whilst offering an appalling health service.

All this scenario has inspired in him and forged in him that if the opportunity arises he would push forward to obtain and own such facilities which will be managed by good people who apart from everything else are ready to empathize and understand the client who opts to make use of such services.

The time has now arrived as in 2019 three preliminary agreements to purchase three health facilities have been signed and not only in due course is also an agreement to purchase a highly reputable pharmaceutical company.

Specialized Hospital Services  

These are some examples of what we will be offering to our clients in our hospitals / clinics.

These are some of the most important specialized units Narcissus will insist to have in its facilities but not only it will also be investing in a research laboratory which will aim to participate wholly in the world of stem cell therapies, Immunotherapies and new scanning approaches.



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