Medical Procurement Unit


What we Do

This is one of our Units which we will be investing heavily in, together with our partners we will strive to acquire
distributorship agreements for such innovative technologies. As we did in the past we will also partner with other companies who are key players in this market and are willing to partner with strong associates. The company will also be investing in a servicing unit which will ensure reliability of service to our clients.

Narcissus has been involved for many years in sourcing and engaging in finding the best quality products in the health industry at the best possible prices but without ever compromising on quality.

Under the careful guidance of the seasoned General Director our clients are spoiled by Narcissus when it comes to choose the best medical supply because they are offered a vast array of suppliers to choose from.

Part of the portfolio of Narcissus, is to offer transportation services including air ambulances and also to procure special emergency vehicles when required or requested by our clients from all over the globe.

Narcissus was always present for the people during the intense war period of Libya, Syria and Iraq.

Another special unit which will also be receiving a lot of attention in Narcissus is the surgical instruments and prosthetic implants section.

With its partners Narcissus has secured the participation of important manufacturing companies in this sector who all have years of experience and a sound knowledge of this market segment to back them up.


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